Dear Ex.

Dear ex,

Right at this moment, I knew you are far away from where I am right now. I hope you’re fine with your life, although I can imagine you struggling finishing your design, assignments and so on.. “Macam mana la awak hidup dekat sana dengan cuaca sejuk, and dengan awak resdung pulak lagi. Mesti susah kan memula nak adapt?” I wish I knew your answer, but that’s not possible.

Now, approximately 9 months since we last met. Honestly, it’s a struggle for me, it was not easy. Not because you are not mine anymore, but because I lost the most understandable-kind-of-person. You really are the best person/friend/buddy I ever met, who knew me inside out. I find it impossible to stop caring. I’m sorry we can’t be friends in normal ways as you requested on the day we last met. I wish until today you are still the best buddy. But my heart won’t allow it. It still hurts. Still need times to heal completely :’) Almost every stuffs that related to you I have deleted/thrown/gave to you on the last day we met. Including the birthday ring that I most adore since 2008.. But I still can’t throw all the memories, your face, your comfort words, your laughs etc.

I have started a new life btw, and I'm happy, I hope you too. InsyaAllah. :)