Zasssss, this week has been stressful week. Yes again! But I'm always cool as I always be, but can't help thinking about it. The week of project previews is always a cramp stressful week, and everyone is prone to say words that was pretty much to slur and hurt other people (purposely) especially if they have a high expectations for interns to do soooooo well and pretty much perfect outputs, just like people who has been 5 years experience doing the works. This is so called unfairness.

Usually, I am not the person to snap words directly, I would always keep in my anger (for months) and just when someone flicks the switch, WHAMMM!! There you go, please and thank you. But I still rarely doing that. Very.

Though occasionally, I proceed to "gossiping" about them with my partner friend, Misha or my housemate members. Letting out your anger and frustration sure does take a lot of energy. The attitudes biar lantak and apa aku kisah are among the killer mode of being rude or in Malay, biadap. When you are frustrated with  someone, whatever "friendship" you have with the person goes down the drain and your mouth moves freeelllllyyyyyy at 120km/h.

OK, back to the topic, for most of the time, I am not the most fun person to be around. I dislike people who are kuat memerli and mulut macam laser. So so bullsh*t. You know what's the funny thing, as I can't take harsh words as a joke, I am called sensitive, but when I went ahead and do the snapping, oh yeah, suddenly I am dubbed the rudest person alive. Though, lately, I have tried resorting to the "chi" technique of keeping my serenity with me, always.

Bersabar untuk lagi seminggu, amin.


noornazuha said...

salam perkenalan dari akak....

scha.heizy said...

still tak bole kaw-team ke ? Buat countdown, nak habis dah. hehe:)