My holiday story.

Where should i begin? its a long story tho~ hehe. I'm starting my semester break on 15 November. Since then, i'm holidaying like crazy! didn't think about anything else. That scared me! Because i should start planning taking MUET test next semester. A must! Thank god, not just me who didn't done yet. On 28 November, my uncle have planned to go to holiday at PD, like usual. At first, i felt lazy, or what so ever. Because i thought my twin cousins couldn't join. But at last, they followed us! Make me happy like hell yeah! haha. We stayed at usual place(apartment kwsp) where my aunt take in charge. We've been there like 10++ times. But it never gets boring because i love swimming at the beach rather than swimming at pools. No offense! :D

But!But! Because we have to much fun, we try to sloppy to Tiara Beach Resort(TBR). Kah3. Only because we wanna play swimming pool with a bunch of sliding. LOL. Its really fun and awkward. But worth it, although we have to lie(tipu sunat) at the pakcik guard! keke. Sorry ahjusshi! But thank you because allowed us to enter TBR! haha! Next time we will come again as legal tenant. XD

Pendatang tanpa izin TBR!

During night, we having great moments at TBR. Karaoke-ing and play games at Games Room. About 10++ songs we played. LOL. It was great! Thanks to twins, without them, means no fun! I mean it. Thats all I want to coret. Hehe. I'm too lazy to update my blog.
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