Result, result.

I want to talk about this week has been amazing week for me. Yehhaa, my wish has came true, this month has been kind to me. Nak dipendekkan cerita, tanggal 10 december uitm telah umumkan keputusan final exam diploma as well as degree. I'm scared to death. My bf have checked his result on 6.00 am in the morning! LOL. He got scared too. Yeah, because it was his first time since he started his degree on uitm shah alam. Well, he succeeded. Way succeeded to became one of dean list. I'm so proud of him, he promised me he will never repeat the mistakes he made long ago, ILY.

But for me? dean list is still far away, memandangkan sem lepas aku agak sibuk dengan projek dengan assignments. Got stressed all over it. Perhatian pada study agak jauh. So, memang tak menaruh harapan pada result. But, I'm shocked. My result is better than expected. No C alphabet. It tears me a bit. Macam tak memadai je dengan usaha, but still, ALHAMDULILLAH.
I love programmings, eventhough it challenge me sometimes D: